Interactive Graphs for Linear, Quadratic, Rational, and Trig Functions Moved to GeoGebraTube

Some may have had trouble using my GeoGebra applets in their browsers. I have moved all of them to GeoGebraTube, which will hopefully fix the problem. You may search for them by typing “MathMaine” into the GeoGebraTube search box.

Links to all updated interactive graph applets are below. Comments and suggestions are always welcome!

Linear Functions

GeoGebraBook: Exploring Linear Functions,
which contains:

Interactive Linear Function Graph: Slope-Intercept Form

Interactive Linear Function Graph: Point-Slope Form

Interactive Linear Function Graph: Standard Form

Quadratic Functions

GeoGebraBook: Exploring Quadratic Functions,
which contains

Interactive Quadratic Function Graph: Factored Form

Interactive Quadratic Function Graph: Standard Form

Interactive Quadratic Function Graph: Standard Form – the effect of “b”

Interactive Quadratic Function Graph: Vertex Form

Exponential & Logarithmic Functions

GeoGebraBook: Exploring Exponential and Logarithmic Functions,
which contains

Interactive Exponential Function Graph

Interactive Logarithmic Function Graph

Rational Functions

Interactive Rational Function Graph

Trigonometric Functions

GeoGebraBook: Exploring Unit Circle Symmetry

GeoGebraBook: Exploring Trig Functions,
which contains

Interactive Unit Circle Graph

Interactive Sine Function Graph

Interactive Cosine Function Graph

By Whit Ford

Math tutor since 1992. Former math teacher, product manager, software developer, research analyst, etc.

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