My goals for this site are to have it:
– Offer helpful approaches to topics that are frequent stumbling blocks for students.
– Encourage both students and teachers to approach math conceptually as well as procedurally.
– Let folks who find math challenging at times know that they are not alone, that many people who appear to be “good at math” still experience the same challenges
– Encourage people to be patient with themselves as they seek to master new concepts and skills. Patience and perseverance are two critical attributes when seeking to master any concept or skill.
– Encourage people to ask questions (of me or others) and engage in dialog with others (either written or verbal) about quantitative topics. I often learn a great deal more about a topic by writing or talking about it than I do by just reading about it.

My background includes:
– Tutoring math students for 26 years
– Teaching high school students both full-time and as a substitute
– Teaching adults at community services, trade show, and organizational workshops

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