Algebra Intro 6: Multiplication

We have all known our multiplication tables for years, and have successfully answered questions like “what is 6 times 7?”,┬ábut do we really understand what multiplication represents? Repeated Addition One interpretation of multiplication, which only works when multiplying by an integer, is “repeated addition”. From this perspective, “6 times 7” is a compact way to…… Continue reading Algebra Intro 6: Multiplication

Algebra Intro 7: Properties of Multiplication

Properties Of Multiplication Do the patterns that applied to addition also apply to multiplication… do the following all produce the same result? $latex 3 \cdot 5 \cdot 7 \\*~\\*3 \cdot (5 \cdot 7) \\*~\\*(3 \cdot 5) \cdot 7&s=2&bg=ffffff&fg=000000$ After carefully following the order of operations, we see that they all result in a value of 105.…… Continue reading Algebra Intro 7: Properties of Multiplication


What does multiplication really represent? An exploration of alternative conceptual models for multiplication, along with a dimensional interpretation of multiplication.