Math Tutoring FAQ

I work with students in Yarmouth, Maine to help them:
– learn math topics
– explore connections between topics
– understand underlying ideas and concepts
– try study approaches that may be more efficient and improve retention
– develop greater self-confidence in math

“Mastery” of high school math topics is more than knowing formulas… it also requires an understanding of the connections between related topics, formulas, and processes. Memorization of formulas and processes is not the most effective study strategy for high school math. I encourage students to move away from memorization by focusing on “why” just as much as “how”.

What to Expect

Working with a tutor should help a student feel:
– they understand the material better
– more hopeful, encouraged, and motivated
– they have a “coach” on their side, helping them figure out how do their best
– over time, greater enjoyment of the subject and growing self-confidence
– that frustrations are normal for everyone as subjects become increasingly challenging
– they are learning skills that will also help them meet future challenges

Why I tutor

I have been a frustrated math student myself, and have tutored math students for the past 26 years because:
– students need to begin developing college-level study skills before they get to college
– quantitative and analytical skills are increasingly important in any subject
– concept is just as important as process
– I love seeing “the light bulb go on”
– learning math can be very satisfying… challenges can be fun (on hindsight)

Topics / Subjects taught

Late middle school through early college mathematics, including:
– pre-algebra
– linear equations and graphs
– geometry
– quadratic equations and graphs
– polynomials and their graphs
– rational functions and their graphs
– word problems and applications
– function transformations
– trigonometry
– calculus
– statistics
– SAT/ACT math preparation
– math-intensive portions of chemistry and physics

Frequency and duration of meetings

Whatever is preferred by the student.  Most students seem to prefer meeting once per week for an hour, but some prefer shorter meetings while others prefer to meet for up to two hours.

Some students meet on a regular schedule, others make appointments only when needed – typically before an upcoming assessment or after receiving graded work back that they have questions about.  Some students meet frequently initially to get caught up, then transition to fewer meetings thereafter.


The most common times people meet with me are 3, 4, 5, 7, or 8 pm on weekdays.  Other times are possible if your family and mine do not have other plans.

Most students schedule times roughly a week in advance. Times need not be the same from week to week, as everyone’s schedules experience changes and surprises. Appointments may be scheduled on-line using Calendly, or by contacting me: see my Facebook page, or leave a comment below (all comments are moderated, so tutoring queries will not become public).


At my house unless otherwise arranged.  This gives me ready access to textbooks and other materials as needed, and provides a neutral (not school, not home) environment with minimal distractions for us to work in.

I also tutor students via Skype or Zoom when it is not possible to meet in person.


I accumulate my time, and e-mail you an invoice from my company (Hedgerow Concepts, Inc.) on the 15th of each month. There is no need to send a check to every meeting.


Advance notice of cancellations is much appreciated.

I do not charge for cancelled or missed appointments. Life is what happens when you had made other plans…

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