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as of February 20, 2017

Page Views
Function Dilations: How to recognize and analyze them 86,270
Sigma Notation (Summation Notation) and Pi Notation 81,370
Function Notation 43,604
Studying to Understand vs Studying to Memorize 26,554
Geometric Sequences and Geometric Series 15,450
Function Translations: How to recognize and analyze them 14,180
Solving Systems Of Linear Equations 12,293
Domain, Range, and Co-domain of a Function 12,250
Life Skills Learned In Math Class 11,781
Arithmetic Sequences and Arithmetic Series 7,027
Negative Fractions 6,716
Analyzing Linear Equations: a summary 6,051
To Use A Textbook, Or Not? 4,744
Integrating Mathematics With Other Subjects 4,094
Algebra Intro 9: Fractions, Reciprocals, and Properties of Division 3,027
Multiplying Polynomials and FFFT! 2,905
Piecewise Functions and Relations 2,864
Procedural vs Intuitive Approaches 2,380
Linear Equation Activity Ideas 2,350
Logarithms 2,332
Angle Measures 2,245
Multiplication 2,100
Quadratic Equations: How to Solve Them Algebraically 1,962
Interactive Graphs for Exponential and Logarithmic Functions 1,952
Unintended Consequences of a 0 – 100 Grading System 1,925
GeoGebra Applets That Help Understand Equation Behavior 1,921
Why Quadratics? 1,840
Negative Differences 1,819
Absolute Value: Notation, Expressions, Equations 1,381
Algebra Intro 5: Addition, Subtraction, and Terms 1,366
“Hidden” Learning Objectives for a Linear Equations Problem or Project 1,348
Algebra Intro 10: Fractions and Multiplication 1,225
Combining or Collecting Like Terms 1,076
Roots and Rational Exponents: a summary 1,006
Linear Systems: Why Does Linear Combination Work (Graphically)? 899
Polynomials and VEX Drive Motor Control 855
Standards Based Grading Trial 807
Ten Skills Every Student Should Learn 683
Lecturing: There Are Better Ways ToTeach 662
Improve Your Math Grade: Use Scrap Paper 617
Student Response Clickers 609
11 Ways To Do Better In Math 602
What Is Algebra? 584
Word Problems… !#$%@;*!! 575
The Purpose of High School Mathematics 571
Algebra Intro 11: Dividing Fractions, Equivalent Fractions 547
Algebra Intro 1: Numbers and Variables 542
Flipped Classroom: It’s About Timely Formative Feedback 523
Re-thinking Our High School Math Curriculum 514
Problems fall into four categories 509
Learn the Game of Learning 506
Algebra Intro 4: Negative Numbers, Zero, Absolute Values, and Opposites 483
The Cost of Education 472
Game-like Engagement 461
Math: Pen vs Pencil 431
Solving Math Problems At The Board 423
Inverse Musings: + and – 406
Algebra Intro 7: Properties of Multiplication 367
Equivalence Deserves More Attention 365
Algebra Intro 6: Multiplication 351
Algebra Intro 12: Adding and Subtracting Fractions 331
Simplifying Fractions 328
Completing the Square Procedures 325
Uncover the Hidden Game 306
Successfully Asking Questions In Class 296
Algebra Intro 8: Division 280
Eight Attributes of Effective Activities, Problems, or Projects 276
Projects vs Problems in Math Class 271
Algebra Intro 2: Addition 263
Where’s the mistake? 261
Unit Circle Symmetry: a GeoGebraBook Exploration 261
ConcepTests and Peer Instruction 257
Advice from Steve Jobs 229
Algebra Intro 3: Subtraction 214
Notation & Concept 212
Grant Wiggins on Mathematics Education 202
Short Assessment Grading: Add or Average? 195
Keep Your Eye On The Variable 194
What A Parent Wants From A School 169
Summary: Algebra 168
Race To Nowhere: Conclusions 165
On the origin of algebra problems 133
Lost points on a problem? What to do… 122
“Teacher” is an inaccurate title 111
Cost effective adult education: might it influence secondary education? 106
Peer Instruction Network 99
Operations are taught in pairs 93
Inverse Musings: * and / 92
It’s True! 3x = (3)(x) 85
Scheduling for Curricular Depth and Challenge 74
Getting the most out of standardized test (SAT, ACT) practice books 61
One Step Linear Equation Problems 47
Two Step Linear Equation Problems 26